Is CrossFit Dangerous?

The World’s Most Dangerous Workout?

I had an interesting chat with a member this morning that told me he had mates who wouldn’t do CrossFit because they would get injured. I find some people have a kind of personal problem with people who do CrossFit, but the core of it is a mystery. Needless to say we are pretty confident in the product we deliver so I wanted to talk about what I believe to be the biggest issue.

CrossFit the Fitness Programme V’s CrossFit the Sport CrossFit

CrossFit the Fitness Program is for anyone and everyone who wants to get fitter, stronger and look good. Kids, teens, adolescents, mothers and fathers, grandparents! This makes up 99% of all people who go to a CrossFit affiliated gym.

CrossFit the Sport accounts for less than 1% of an average boxes membership. The minority that do the Sport of CrossFit aren’t doing it to be “Healthy”, they are competing in competitions and understand the risks, just like those that step over the white line for a game of rugby or football. The CrossFit Games are there to test the fittest people on the planet but they are the 1% of the 1%, they are not the true representation of a CrossFit gym member at your local box.

Every CrossFit Box is individually owned so I can only speak on how we do things here at CrossFit Llantrisant. With a BSc (Hons) In Sport and Exercise Science and 11 years experience in the health and fitness industry as a strength and conditioning coach it is easy to tailor our programs to everybody’s individual need. Not all plumbers are good plumbers, but the ones that are, are worth their weight in gold.

The people that do CrossFit, as a fitness programme should be leaving the gym fitter and healthier than when they walked in! Is any fitness programme 100% safe? Of course not, but as a coach when looking at clients across the room first ask yourself “are they safe?”

Most people walk through our door with internal rotation of the shoulders, tight hips, dodgy backs, the in-ability to put their hands above their heads without compromising in their lower back and a whole host of other issues. It’s my job as a coach to spot any muscular imbalances, pre existing injury’s and work with our clients to improve these areas so they can increase their ability to train a wider range of movements safely.

We work closely with professional physiotherapists and chiropractors to help our clients improve any areas that may cause problems when introduced to an exercise program. Building a strong strength and aerobic foundation should be the first priority, not adding speed and momentum onto dysfunction. All exercises have different scaling options for all ability’s. One simplified exercise over time leads the clients to move on to more advanced movements.


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